Our team are committed to looking after your investment, we are focussed on open and professional communication with our tenants and owners.

While our Property Managers have set portfolios that they manage, we have a strong team focus that allows us to deal with issues that arise when one of the team may not be available.

Our Compliance Coordinator is available to discuss all application queries and ensure that all compliance criteria are met.


Chris Meadmore

General Manager - Real Estate Services

Chris Meadmore is an award winning licensed real estate agent with extensive experience in property management and residential real estate. Having previously established, co-owned and managed a highly acclaimed real estate business, Chris has a wealth of professional knowledge. He consistently delivers unbeatable service, ensures optimal returns on investment properties and offers steadfast leadership for BHC’s highly skilled NRAS team.

Chris’ top priority is fostering strong landlord relationships and delivering results. His degree in business management and experience in financial markets informs his excellent strategic planning and risk management skills which are pivotal to successful property management. Chris’ straightforward manner and hands-on approach ensures client needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Chris is also at the helm of Elevate Residential, a specialist property management company operating as part of the BHC Group, offering outstanding real estate services to the Brisbane market. Elevate prioritises impeccable customer service, with all profits donated to BHC to help Queenslanders in housing need.

Nelson Gomez

NRAS Property Manager

Nelson Gomez is an experienced, highly motivated NRAS property manager with BHC. Nelson places the utmost importance on maintaining strong client relationships. With experience working in areas such as Toowong and Loganholme, Nelson has managed a diverse range of properties and worked with a broad variety of clients from a number of different backgrounds. This wide board of experience has given him a strong advantage when working in the NRAS.  His enthusiasm for reaching organisational and individual goals has made important contributions to the continued growth of BHC and the implementation of the NRAS in the Brisbane area.

Alicia Taylor

NRAS Property Manager

Alicia Taylor is a quirky, creative, professional and conscientious NRAS property manager with over 15 years of experience in the real estate sector. Her extensive experience working with the NRAS has strengthened her conflict resolution and client communication and relations skills and has provided her with immeasurable industry knowledge. Alicia is motivated and ambitious and is continually seeking to improve and develop her skillset in order to achieve the best outcomes for her clients and for BHC.

Tracey Gordon

NRAS Compliance Coordinator

Tracey Gordon is the NRAS Compliance Coordinator for BHC, tasked with directly communicating with tenants renting under the scheme. Her vibrant, positive attitude assists in her client liaison abilities and overall development of client relationships established to create mutually beneficial outcomes for residents and landlords. Tracey has keen communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and diplomacy skills that ensure tenants are positively complying with the NRAS in BHC housing. Tracey has 20 years of experience in the real estate and property management industry that has been invaluable to BHC’s NRAS team.

Raven Shuttleworth

Leasing Associate

Raven Shuttleworth is dynamic self-starter, with a keen eye for detail and a drive to deliver impeccable customer service in every interaction. With experience in all aspects of property management Raven’s top priority is ensuring a smooth and successful experience for landlords and tenants alike.

Raven is currently completing his double degree in business and public relations, a strong combination that underpins his commitment to clear communication and achieving the best outcomes for clients.

Raven’s approach embodies the values of BHC and is driven by his passion for great customer service and continuous best practice.