Bridge the Gap Program with Second Chance

The Bridge the Gap Employment Program provides assistance to women currently receiving the Australian Government Newstart allowance who are in need of funds to help ‘bridge the gap’ to afford the rent of a studio apartment.

Bridge the Gap Employment Program participants receive a rental subsidy of $60 per week for a maximum period of 12 months.

This support assists participants in gaining employment, improve their current living situations and facilitate a supportive transition into stable employment.

About Second Chance Program

The Second Chance Program Fundraising Group (SCP) is a group of dedicated people committed to raising funds to help ensure women who have been homeless or at risk of homelessness are given a ‘second chance’ to take charge of their lives, and to participate in our community.

BHC has been in partnership with Second Chance for over nine years and have delivered a range of successful projects to assist women in need.

How to Apply

Ask your Sarina Russo Caseworker to refer you to BHC for housing assistance. When referred by your Sarina Russo Caseworker your eligibility for housing will be assessed by BHC’s Allocations Team.