Elevate Residential – Changing Brisbane’s real estate market for good

Last night we celebrated the first birthday of Elevate Residential, BHC’s fully licensed not for profit real estate agency. We are extremely proud of the Elevate team and the business they have built over the last year. Offering Brisbane property owners the very best property management and sales services, Elevate has one big difference to mainstream real estate agencies- 100% of its profits are given to BHC to help us deliver more homes and better outcomes for people in housing need across Brisbane.

Elevate really is a gamechanger for the Brisbane real estate market. More and more, consumers are looking to do business with companies who are socially responsible. People increasingly want to know that they are contributing to positive social change in their communities when they buy a product or take up a service. Real estate is no different. Already, Elevate’s clients are telling us that they love being able to get excellent sales and property management services AND feel good about choosing a company that is all about supporting the Brisbane community.

Elevate is a great example of how the community housing sector is innovating and evolving to do more to address the huge amount of unmet need for affordable housing across the country. But not only just the provision of housing, we are focused on proactively responding to the diversity of tenant needs and helping improve their lives.  The additional revenue that Elevate will generate for BHC will enable us to enhance the services we offer our tenants, providing assistance in areas like bursaries for school children, support for survivors of domestic violence, initiatives to help older tenants reduce their social isolation and resources to encourage digital inclusion. The possibilities truly are endless.

We were thrilled last night at Elevate’s first birthday celebration to have over one hundred supporters of BHC and Elevate come together, start to make change and recognise the importance of working together in new ways to address affordable housing need in Brisbane. We are excited to continue to connect and work with this group to grow the Elevate business in the coming year.

However, we also need your support! Our message to Brisbane property owners is simple- you can now choose a real estate agent that uses the commissions you pay to create a better Brisbane for all.

Isn’t that a great feeling?

Listen to Rebecca talking about Elevate Residential and BHC on ABC Radio Brisbane

Find out more about Elevate Residential, visit: https://elevateresidential.com.au/agency/elevate-residential