About us

BHC is a leading provider of affordable housing with a demonstrated ability to deliver innovative provision of social and affordable housing.

Since incorporation in 2002, and a registered Tier 1 Community Housing Provider (CHP), BHC has a well-earned reputation as a solid and reliable organisation, built through effective working relationships and a personalised approach to customer service.

Our core business is housing and asset management of our wholly owned 1,700 affordable housing properties.  In addition, our experienced team  have undertaken property development and project management to create a number of award-winning homes for Queenslanders from all walks of life.

BHC is governed by an experienced skill based Board of Directors, chaired by Eloise Atkinson and led by CEO, Rebecca Oelkers.

We pride ourselves on working in close partnership with local communities, service providers, charities and government to provide homes that are secure and affordable.

Our Vision
Creating Homes, Empowering Lives, Enabling Transformation.

Our Mission
BHC’s vision is delivered by building and maintaining quality affordable homes for people in need and engaging with and supporting people to sustain their tenancies.

At BHC we Value:
– Making a difference
– Working with integrity
– Supporting each other
– Working safely
– Our differences
– Being accountable and delivering quality
– Celebrating achievements