NRAS Management

BHC is the “one stop shop” for the provision and management of NRAS properties.

As the developer and the property manager, we do not outsource any aspect of the tenancy or property management. BHC plays a pivotal role in managing an investor’s NRAS property and on the investor’s behalf, we ensure that:

  • Eligible tenants are placed in the NRAS property
  • All compliance reporting is undertaken with the Commonwealth and State governments
  • The NRAS subsidy is received by the investor on a yearly basis
  • The property is well maintained
  • All aspects of the residential tenancy agreement is taken care of
  • To undertake these services, BHC charges a simple competitive fee structure of 14% of the rent received plus GST. This means that BHC takes care of every aspect of the NRAS investment property giving the investor peace of mind.

The Commonwealth Government announced in the Budget on 13 May 2014 that it is not proceeding with Round Five (5) of NRAS. This means that no incentives for developers will be allocated for Round 5. Additionally, there is currently no funding for future rounds at this time. Any decision regarding future funding rounds is a decision for Government.