Asset Management

BHC understands the need to deliver value for money over each asset’s lifecycle from planning to acquisition, management and redevelopment or eventual disposal. Our comprehensive strategic asset management approach to our portfolio includes a robust planned maintenance program and an efficient responsive maintenance service.

BHC’s capital plans ensure the best use of each asset over the longer term to ensure that the portfolio remains fit for purpose, protects the health and safety of our tenants, and continues to meet the needs of our communities.

BHC manages a responsive maintenance system across our portfolio that is simple to navigate for tenants and underpinned by a robust monitoring and reporting framework. Our approach enables us to manage the portfolio efficiently and cost effectively.

The key elements of the responsive maintenance service are as follows:

  • 24-hour emergency repair line.
  • Clear information for tenants, contractors and staff as to the procedures for repairs and service standards that can be expected.
  • Qualified and vetted tradespeople to assure tenant safety and satisfaction.
  • High-quality repairs that offer value for money and protect the life of the dwelling and its features.
  • Open customer feedback channels for early identification of concerns and areas for improvement.