Furnishing Young Futures

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BHC’s latest development at Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba provides 32 much-needed affordable homes for those in housing need in Brisbane’s inner south. Completed in February 2021, the development contains 27 units to house essential workers with the remaining five homes specifically designed and allocated for young people and their families. Designed by award-winning Brisbane architectural firm KO & Co, this development includes high-quality, purpose-built affordable units with a range of configurations including studios, one and two-bedroom apartments.

Partnering with BYS

We have partnered with Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) for Furnishing Young Futures, a project designed to support the young residents’ transition to safe and stable housing. BYS’s mission is to support homeless and disadvantaged young people and their children. Residents in these five homes will benefit from BYS’s wrap-around support services, including assistance to help them to engage in education, training and employment, with the ultimate aim to move forward these young people into long-term sustainable housing options.

“Working together with our partners BYS we will be able to provide vulnerable young people with secure housing and a path towards an independent and positive future.” – Rebecca Oelkers, CEO

Setting up the young people for success

The young people moving into Cornwall Street will be taking their first steps into longer term, independent accommodation- but will need additional support to access the essential furniture and whitegoods to set up their new home for success.

To achieve this, BHC and BYS worked with key corporate partners to secure sponsorship to furnish the five units, giving these young people the ability to take this next step with dignity and positivity about their future.

The project’s achievement

We were fortunate to secure six corporate partners for this project and incredibly raised over $36,000 to purchase furniture, white goods and soft furnishings for the homes, to get the homes ready for the young people to move in.

The sponsors of the Furnishing Young Futures initiative came together in February for a Partners’ Day to put the finishing touches on the homes for young people supported. This provided an opportunity for sponsors to visit the units and see the impact of their contribution first-hand. Far beyond just the purchase of furniture, it means the creation of five beautiful homes for vulnerable young people who are taking a big step in their transition into independent housing.

To see the highlights from the day and to learn more- visit here

To find out more about this initiative, please contact Amy Maynard, General Manager Strategy & Communications at BHC on (07) 3307 3076 or by email to amy.maynard@bhcl.com.au.

Our corporate partners

Stokes Wheeler 

“As builders who specialise in community and affordable accommodation, we are in the unique situation to see first-hand the long-term benefits this creates for many people. We consider this a privilege and are proud to support BYS in their mission and commitment to so many in our community.”

Damien Stokes, Director, Stokes Wheeler





BHC Creating Liveable Communities

“We are incredibly proud to partner with BYS to provide these homes for young people at risk of homelessness. These homes will be life-changing. We are also thrilled to support BYS’s Furnishing Young Futures initiative- providing essential items for the new residents to help them to create a comfortable and safe home and assist them to move forward with hope.”

Rebecca Oelkers, CEO, BHC






“Knisco is a young team and family is very important to us, so we are very proud to be helping out and supporting people in our community. We realise it has been a tough year for many, especially the youth and their families.

We want to do our little bit to assist BYS in the great work they do in helping the younger generation find their feet and look forward to a better future.”

Franco Velasco, Director



Insurance Advisernet Foundation

“We are a proud supporter of BYS and are delighted to support Furnishing Young Futures.  Young people who are at risk of homelessness are some of the most vulnerable people in society and supporting this initiative is a very easy decision for us.  We want to thank BYS for the amazing work they are doing in the community and hope our contributions can assist a young person going through a difficult time to get back on their feet and thrive in society.”

– Tyrone Shandiman, Managing Director



At MinterEllison, we believe in breaking the cycles of disadvantage. In particular, we focus on doing what we can to help young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We do this in an informed, effective and coordinated way.

 We’ve worked with Brisbane Youth Service for more than a decade. The Cornwall Street Project is an innovative and collaborative way to provide affordable housing options to young people in our community and we’re proud to contribute to it through a Vacation Clerk team building activity, a Brisbane office Christmas Goods Drive and the Furnishing Young Futures sponsorship. Together, MinterEllison and Brisbane Youth Service are creating lasting impacts.



Saunders Havill Group

Saunders Havill Group are delighted to support Brisbane Youth Services to make an impactful difference to the housing security of youth at risk in Brisbane.

 We are passionate about affordable housing solutions and we commend both Brisbane Housing Company and Brisbane Youth Services for their collaboration. These partnerships are crucial to improving housing security and addressing homelessness through the delivery of thoughtfully planned and designed accommodation.



Thank you also to the following supporters who provided in-kind support for this initiative, including: