At BHC we understand the link between housing and an individual’s health and wellbeing. We have seen first hand how high-quality, affordable homes in neighbourhoods with access to employment opportunities, transportation, and schools, has positively influenced the lives of hundreds of tenants who call BHC properties home.

It is for this reason, our developments aim to  place a high emphasis on design and liveability, choosing  our locations carefully and partnering with some of Australia’s leading architects to  create thoughtfully-designed, affordable rental and market for sale homes in key  growth areas throughout Brisbane and regional Queensland.



BHC developments are designed and constructed to provide a safe, secure liveable environment for residents and owners. Our approach to excellence and detailed planning helps to generate quality, hard-wearing and low maintenance homes, for
enhanced liveability of our residents and great investment opportunities for purchasers.

Our aim is to provide highly impactful, award winning, attractive interior design and architecture for our buildings. We realise that functionality comes down to some of the finer details including superiority and efficiency in fittings, appliances and systems for each dwelling. BHC’s provision for common areas in buildings offers residents and their guests an inviting place to congregate and feel part of a community.

We are mindful of the impact on the environment and design our buildings with sustainability in mind, to ensure each building receives a six star energy rating, we offer features such as passive ventilations, sustainable building materials, solar orientation, water and efficient appliances and the collection and use of rainwater.

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