What is Affordable Housing?

We often find the term ‘Affordable Housing’ and its role within the continuum of housing options to be misunderstood.

At BHC, Affordable Housing presents a long-term, secure housing alternative for low to moderate income households who have been priced out of inflated private markets.

Housing is generally considered to be affordable when:

  • The dwelling is appropriate in terms of its design, location and access to services and facilities; and
  • The residents of the Affordable Housing are able to pay their rent and still have enough income left over to meet their non-housing needs such as food, transport and healthcare.
  • In many cases Affordable Housing is developed by a not for profit organisation such as BHC and offered to tenants who meet specific eligibility criteria.
  • Affordable Housing is not the same as Public Housing which is owned and managed by the State Government.

To find out more information on BHC’s affordable housing, please download the ‘About Affordable Housing’ document below.