BHC Impact Fund assists more than 500 vulnerable households in Brisbane

In the midst of a crippling housing crisis, more than 500 low-income Brisbane households have received life-changing support from BHC’s Impact Fund, which has been outlined in the organisation’s 2022/23 Impact Report.

BHC Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Oelkers said the Impact Fund enabled 513 residents in the last financial year to receive assistance to sustain tenancies, enhance wellbeing, boost employment skills and create cohesive communities.

“We are proud to be making an impact by supporting our residents to reach their goals and to thrive within our BHC communities,” she said.

“Assistance includes targeted grants and programs that support employment and training, mental health and wellbeing, social inclusion and financial literacy.”

BHC commits a minimum of $150,000 annually to the Impact Fund, fuelled by the profits from its ‘profit for purpose’ real estate agency, Elevate Residential.

The real estate agency generates revenue from property sales commissions and property management fees, with 100% of profits being donated to BHC.

“From providing health equipment and relief with day-to-day living costs, to supporting the education, wellbeing and extracurricular needs of young people, the outcomes from the BHC Impact Fund are spread right across Brisbane.

“The Fund also means that our residents have improved access to vital on-the-ground services and supports delivered by our community partners. This place-based service delivery makes a measurable difference to many residents who may be struggling to navigate external services and systems.”

In 2023, in addition to the support provided through the Impact Fund, Elevate Residential and BHC partnered to launch Project 55, an initiative designed to assist women over 55 at risk of homelessness.

Elevate Residential Principal Licensee Chris Meadmore said the program encouraged property owners to make a positive choice about where their property management fees go.

“All of the profits from commissions on 55 new property managements, signed up with Elevate from May 2023 to May 2024, will sponsor safe and affordable housing for women aged 55 or older at risk of homelessness, who will be living at BHC’s New Farm property,” he said.

“Elevate Residential is directly contributing to real change for people in need right across Brisbane.”

The Impact Fund is delivered under BHC’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025, which focuses on two key goals, to Grow the supply of affordable housing and Support residents and communities to thrive.

For more information, view the the 2022-23 BHC Impact Fund Report.