Bridging the digital divide

Part of our mission at BHC is supporting our residents and communities to thrive.

We know firsthand that not having access to digital tools and technologies can hinder opportunities for our residents to participate fully in employment, volunteer, education and social inclusion opportunities.

Our Resident Participation and Employment Coordinator, Anthony Campbell, has seen firsthand the impact that providing a resident with a laptop has had on their lives.

“We often see people in our community facing challenges when it comes to finding work and staying connected. For those who don’t have access to things like laptops, it’s even harder to create resumes, search for jobs, participate in online and virtual interviews and keep in touch with others who provide online health and wellbeing support. Something as simple as giving someone access to their own laptop can really change their situation for the better,” said Anthony.

black and white photo of two men.

BHC resident with BHC’s Resident Participation and Employment Coordinator, Anthony.


If your corporation regularly updates its technologies, please consider giving back by donating your old workable laptops to BHC. Your contribution not only extends the life of your technology, reducing landfill waste, but can also change lives.

“In today’s society, having access to digital technology is critical for participating in modern life. We’re dedicated to doing everything within our power to help residents in this regard. Collaborating with partners will unlock opportunities for our residents and help in closing the digital divide” commented BHC CEO, Rebecca Oelkers.

Reach out to BHC’s Community Development team on to explore how your business can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our community’s most vulnerable members.