Delaying HAFF means delaying homes for vulnerable Queenslanders

As a developer of social and affordable housing and landlord to some of Queensland’s most vulnerable people, this week’s decision to postpone the debate on the Federal Government’s Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) legislation until 16 October is unfathomable.

We are at tipping point. We need to stop talking about solutions to the housing crisis and actually start delivering them and this postponement means the land, the plans, the partnerships and the real, tangible affordable homes that were in the pipeline will now experience further significant delays. Housing peak bodies estimate that the delivery of 8,000 homes could be delayed as a result of this postponement.

Most importantly, the 640,000 Australians currently living in housing stress cannot wait any longer. They are relying on partners to come together – government, community housing organisations, the property industry, and the investment sector. We hold the keys to their future, and without us, it doesn’t look bright.

The HAFF is a floor not a ceiling. It’s the scalable platform that can get the ball rolling – we need the unilateral support from our Elected Representatives to get this legislation passed.