Statement by Rebecca Oelkers – Chief Executive Officer, BHC

Tanya Lee Glover’s death has had a profound impact on BHC.

Our residents are the reason we exist and providing secure and affordable homes for society’s most vulnerable people drives our purpose for creating better housing outcomes.

Some of our residents come to us with complex needs that may include disability, a history of trauma or domestic violence, mental and physical health conditions, or challenges associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Community housing is often their only safety net and, as a provider, these are the very real challenges we deal with.

We care deeply for the safety and wellbeing of our residents and provide compassionate tenancy management that extends beyond a traditional tenant / property manager relationship.

This may include linking our residents with service providers to foster community and economic participation, providing referrals to support services such as NDIS and mental health care, or fostering relationships with the Queensland Police Service.

These outreach services are accessed by residents at their own personal discretion.

If a tenancy is abandoned, we take steps to contact the resident in accordance with our obligations under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. Sometimes there are no obvious signs that a resident has vacated their tenancy, particularly if rental payments continue without interruption and concerns are not raised by friends, family or neighbours. If there are any suspicious circumstances determined during an abandonment, BHC would contact the Queensland Police Service.

As a community housing provider, BHC is constantly improving our service delivery. Our organisation – and the sector more broadly – has sharpened its focus on sustaining tenancies and linking vulnerable tenants with support organisations. We have much stronger connections with these providers than ever before. We manage our properties to provide consistent, considerate tenancy management and a sustainment approach that complements the work of our internal housing managers and building caretakers.

The design of our buildings has also evolved to place a greater emphasis on secure access, liveability and resident wellbeing.

BHC is continuing to support the QPS with their ongoing homicide investigation and hope that media coverage relating to Tanya Glover brings her perpetrator/s to justice.