Furnishing Young Futures – Setting up the young people for success

BHC’s development at Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba provides 32 much-needed affordable homes for those in housing need. Completed in February 2021, the development contains 32 units, with five homes specifically designed and allocated for young people and their families.

BHC is working with Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) to support the young peoples’ transition to safe and stable housing. Residents in these five homes will benefit from BYS’s wrap-around support services, including assistance to help them to engage in education, training and employment, with the ultimate aim to move forward these young people into long-term sustainable housing options.

“Working together with our partner’s BYS we will be able to provide vulnerable young people with secure housing and a path towards an independent and positive future,” said BHC CEO, Rebecca Oelkers.

Setting up the young people for success

The young people moving into Cornwall Street will be taking their first steps into longer term, independent accommodation- but will need additional support to access the essential furniture to set up their new home for success. To achieve this, BHC and BYS worked with key corporate partners through a program called Furnishing Young Futures. The aim of the program was to secure sponsorship to furnish the five units, giving these young people the ability to take this next step forward with dignity and positivity about their future.

We were fortunate to secure six corporate partners for this project and incredibly raised over $36,000 to purchase furniture, white goods and soft furnishings for the homes. To find out more about the program and hear why our corporate sponsors became involved in the project – visit here.

Working together- Partners’ Day

The sponsors of Furnishing Young Futures came together in February for a Partners’ Day to put finishing touches on the homes for the young people. This provided an opportunity for the sponsors to visit the units and see the impact of their contribution first-hand. Far beyond just the purchase of furniture, it means the creation of five beautiful homes for vulnerable young people who are taking a big step in their transition into independent housing.

To see the highlights from the day and to learn more- visit here.

On behalf of BHC and BYS, we would like to thank all the corporate sponsors and contributors who worked together to make this initiative a success.