Project 55


Supporting older women into safe, secure and affordable housing

Are you a property investor? Help us broaden our impact.  

Elevate Residential, BHC’s ‘profit for purpose’ real estate agency is on a mission to support older women in housing need.  

With rental costs and living pressures soaring, everyone is feeling the impact. However older women are amongst those feeling it hardest. Did you know- older women are the fastest growing cohort facing homelessness – many are sleeping rough, in their cars or couch surfing, with no permanent address or place to call home. Most are living in extreme poverty.  

Elevate Residential’s, Project 55 will create a revenue stream to sponsor older women in dire housing need into safe and secure, affordable housing.  

How does it work? 

Through Project 55, Elevate Residential is striving to attract 55 new property investors to sign up with them– between May 2023 and May 2024 – to assist women aged 55+ to secure safe and secure accommodation.  

Profits from commissions from the 55 new property investors that sign up as part of Project 55 will be used to create a targeted rental subsidy for women aged 55+ at risk of homelessness in BHC’s complex in Alford Street, New Farm. 

Project 55 is about investing with a conscience. Together with Elevate Residential, we challenge property investors to think about where their property management fees are going.   

Find out more about Elevate Residential’s Project 55.