BHC Impact Fund- Supporting residents to reach their potential

We are proud to announce the BHC Impact Fund- an annual commitment of a minimum of $150,000 to directly invest in programs and supports to assist residents to achieve their life goals.

Providing safe and affordable housing is BHC’s number one priority, however, for many of their residents, accessing housing is just the beginning of their journey. The Impact Fund is BHC’s commitment to actively assist residents to reach towards their goals and to live their lives with dignity and hope.

The Impact Fund will address unmet support needs and provide BHC residents with important access to programs and services across four priority areas:

  1. Tenancy sustainment and progression- initiatives to support residents experiencing mental health concerns, domestic violence and other complex issues that can lead to tenancy breakdown.
  2. Employment skills and participation- providing access to training, education and volunteering opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.
  3. Enhanced resident wellbeing- ensuring residents are able to access services and initiatives that promote health, wellbeing and inclusion.
  4. Cohesive communities- ensuring residents feel positive about their communities and are connected to relevant facilities and activities.

“The BHC Impact Fund allows us to work alongside residents to identify and directly fund initiatives that assist in the creation of positive change for individuals and their communities,“ said BHC CEO, Rebecca Oelkers.

“We know that the homes we provide create a critical platform for people to move forward with their lives, however, we also know that for many of our residents they have a need for much more than just a roof over their head.

“To empower people to create change in their lives, they also need support and opportunities to participate in employment, training, social and community activities. This is the purpose of the Impact Fund,” Ms Oelkers said.

All profits generated by BHC’s social-purpose real estate agency, Elevate Residential, are directed into the Impact Fund.

“As a profit-for-purpose business, it’s important that our clients and supporters can see where our impact is being delivered and have confidence that their support really is making a difference,” said Elevate Residential’s principal licensee, Chris Meadmore.

“By choosing Elevate for their real estate services, our clients not only get exceptional real estate results, but the evidence they are directly making a difference to those in need of affordable housing.”

Each year BHC will work with residents and support providers to identify the priority programs and services that will be of most benefit, and these initiatives will be funded through the Impact Fund. BHC is also developing an Outcomes Framework to measure and communicate the difference that BHC’s affordable housing and Impact Fund initiatives make.

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