10 Week Business Basix Program Story

In February 20178, 5 BHC tenants participated in ‘The Business of Hope’ 10 Week Business Basix Program run by Deb Jones in collaboration with Wes Leake from TAFE Small Business Solutions and Common Ground Queensland. Participants who completed the course gained a Certificate III in Micro Business, received one-on-one mentoring for their personal business goals and heard from industry professionals.


BHC doesn’t have to do this, this is extra. You guys don’t have to do this, you are our landlords. You don’t have to do what you do.

After suffering a workplace injury, Grame knew he wouldn’t be able to go back to his old job and would struggle to find more long term work. Although he could receive the disability pension, Grame was passionate about finding another way to work and support himself. Grame came into the Business of Hope 10-Week Business Program with the dream of starting his own dog washing business and gaining a greater understanding of how to successfully run a business.

Concepts are now in place for business, now I need to work on the finance …Wes and Deb have given me common sense thinking and values, which is good. Plan, organise and control.


While the buildings are wonderful and lovely and a pleasure being there… It can still be really lonely. This opportunity is cool.

Kevin has been a music lover all his life and music has always played an important part in his health and wellbeing. Whilst living with BHC, Kevin has gone through ups and downs and when this course came along he saw an opportunity to take his future in his hands. Now that he has completed the course Kevin is excited to turn is love of music and passion to teach and share into a business. Kevin is looking into opportunities including music lessons, YouTube tutorials and webisodes where he can share music, life stories and teach others how to perform the iconic songs from his life.

I was in a bad place; I didn’t have a lot going for myself. Now I have a shot – I can see the first edition!


Green Square tenant Glenis is no stranger to business. After practicing yoga since 2001, four years ago Glenis took the plunge and decided to begin her journey as an instructor. Since 2013 Glenis has gained numerous accreditations, grown from a volunteer instructor to running paid classes, and has become a talented and experience yoga teacher. When she heard about the 10-week business course, Glenis saw an opportunity to learn how to grow her business and reach even greater heights.

[I’m] excited about the future. I’m looking at my business in a whole different way and looking at it at a larger scale.”


Although Cynthia has always been an artist and created beautiful craft, she never saw it as more than a hobby. After reading about the business course Cynthia decided to seize the opportunity to turn her craft into career.

This has all been a dream to me. When I saw the ad in the BHC news I thought oh this is something I can take. When I first started I was a bit unsure, maybe doubting myself. But now I’ve come this far … I am really excited. Now I can make it a reality.


Libby is a talented artist with a unique flair and idea. She is passionate about buttons and connecting people with cards. After thinking about her business idea for some time, this course was the perfect opportunity for Libby to learn more about running a business and plan her next step turning her passion into a business.

I am hoping that by developing Button Crazy I can create a sense of purpose and achievement, receive personal enjoyment by being creative with my buttons and hopefully make a small amount of income.