Impact Fund Story

This video story tells the story of BHC’s Impact Fund- why it was established and the impacts BHC’s residents are experiencing.

BHC’s Impact Fund is an annual commitment of a minimum of $150,000 that allows us to identify and directly fund initiatives that create positive outcomes in partnership with our residents and their communities.

Providing safe and affordable housing is our number one priority, however, we know for many, accessing housing is just the beginning of their journey. The BHC Impact Fund is our commitment to actively assisting our residents to reach their potential and to live their lives with dignity and hope. Find out more about the Impact Fund.

The Impact Fund is made possible through the financial support of BHC’s social purpose real estate agency, Elevate Residential, which directs 100% of its profits to the Fund. Learn more about Elevate’s commitment to creating real change for Queenslanders in need.

We thank the residents featured in this video for sharing their stories.