Barry’s Story

“I never ever dreamed in my life that
I would be into a place like this.”

After 30 years living in his Department of Housing and Public Works home, Barry did not think he would ever see the day where he would want to leave. However, as family circumstances changed and his children grew up and moved on, he was left with a large home that he needed to maintain on his own – leaving him no time to enjoy the things he loves.

Barry is one of 39 residents who call Benson Place home. This 35-unit complex was developed in partnership with the Department of Housing and Public Works, offering seniors an opportunity to downsize from larger public housing properties in the local area to highly accessible, purpose-built residences.

For Barry, the thought of downsizing seemed daunting at first however after attending the community information sessions, he knew it was time to move on. “That’s it I’m going, this is for me,” said Barry. Barry was ecstatic when he received notification that he was offered a home at Benson Place.

Since moving in, Barry has experienced a really strong sense of community. The residents are starting to form long lasting friendships and gather regularly for community events in the building’s common area.

The move has changed Barry’s life for the better, allowing him to focus his time on the hobbies he enjoys most. “The move itself has been very positive, it’s totally changed my lifestyle, as I am getting older I don’t need everything that I had to do before,” Barry said.