Tara’s Story

“It was quite a poignant moment when I
discovered the unit available at BHC –
it was the start of a journey”


Tara’s journey with BHC began in 2017, when she moved into a unit at Richmond Apartments in Bowen Hills. Having previously experienced five years of housing instability and homelessness, moving into Richmond Apartments allowed Tara to start the process of finding consistency in her life again.

Whilst living there, she was able to rediscover her professional skills and her capacity for employment. Using her previous trade skills, Tara was hired by Ray, the building caretaker for abseiling maintenance around the building. Tara has nothing but respect for Ray, saying “he’s someone I look up to as having the professional skillset as well as compassion for his involvement in the community.” This is the work ethic Tara has taken to her latest position as the live-in caretaker at Core Apartments (another BHC development).

Tara has been working at Core Apartment since mid 2019 and in this short time she has been warmly welcomed by the residents. “There is a real sense of community and a sense of home amongst all the residents at Core,” said Tara. Tara takes pride in the building she maintains and is looking forward to working on numerous projects and upgrades around the complex.

This latest chapter in Tara’s life has just begun and she speaks candidly about the process of transitioning from instability to stability. “I really appreciate the life that I have now, being reconnected with my family, my husband and my dog and having the opportunity to work, where I can be flexible and find a life balance that works for me is really important,” says Tara.