The Green Square Art Project Story

The Green Square Art Project is a tenant led initiative that was started in September 2016. This group is led by BHC tenant Gerard Bargo, who has been a tenant with BHC for over 5 years and throughout that time has been involved in numerous community programs, initiatives and volunteering. Mr Bargo is a proud indigenous tenant and artist and has wanted to see an art group at his complex for many years. Mr Bargo spoke with other tenants and found there were numerous artists in the building and sought to start a group where individuals could come and work on their art in a safe and friendly environment.

Mr Bargo took the initiative to commence the group, including seeking financial assistance from the local Brisbane City Council Ward Office.  The Green Square Art Project was born and has grown and flourished over the last 5 months. After initially starting out as a small group only for BHC tenants at the Green Square complex, the group has expanded and now welcomes tenants from across the entire BHC portfolio and members of the local community. Mr Bargo is passionate about making this group a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for all participants.

“I wanted to bring people into a place where the door is always open, so they can set their mind free,” Mr Bargo said.

“In the first week, I had 28 people turn up. Within three months, almost 400 people had come along.”

We highly admire Mr Bargo’s tenacity and passion to bring positive opportunity and engagement to his local community.  A number of tenants have assisted Mr Bargo in establishing and continuing the Green Square Art Project, strengthening the welcoming and inclusive nature of the project.