Community Development

At the conclusion of BHC’s first Tenant Engagement Strategy residents were invited to a workshop where they shared their ideas of what Tenant Engagement could look like in the future. Based on this consultation, BHC has continued to develop how we support and engage with residents. Some resident suggestions we have been able to incorporate include;

  • Using the term ‘Community Development’ instead to Tenant Engagement to better focus on building community and positive relationships between residents, BHC and their communities,
  • Continuing to develop and improve communication and consultation with residents,
  • Establishing a platform where residents can work with BHC to take a more active role in co-designing and co-leading Community Development initiatives.

The Resident Community Development (RCD) Team

The RCD Team was formed in 2018 to provide a space where residents can come together to develop community initiatives and projects, work on these initiatives together, provide honest feedback and input on matters which affect residents and to support one another. The initiatives and projects developed are aimed to benefit residents, develop and strengthen the communities across BHC properties and support meaningful engagement between residents, BHC, and members of the wider community. The RCD Team is supported by BHC’s Community Development Manager, Kaitlyn.

Community Development Manager

BHC’s Community Development Manager works on programs and initiatives which;

  • encourage residents to have positive connections with people in their communities,
  • create open and respectful communication pathways,
  • enhance residents access to information, services and supports available in the wider community.

This may include promoting programs or activities run by local support organisations, hosting events for BHC residents, consulting with residents to gain input on projects or processes, and much more! The Community Development Manager also works on other key resident focused projects such as the BHC resident newsletter ‘The Bugle’ and BHC’s Tenant Survey.

Would You Like to Get Involved?

BHC and the RCD Team invite any interested residents to get involved to share their ideas, enthusiasm and time. If you would like to join the team, please contact or call Kaitlyn on 3307 3000.

For further information on BHC’s Tenant Engagement and Community Development check out page 23 of our Tenant Handbook.