Community Development

At the conclusion of BHC’s first Tenant Engagement Strategy residents were invited to a workshop where they shared their ideas of what Tenant Engagement could look like in the future. Based on this consultation, BHC has continued to develop how we support and engage with residents. Some resident suggestions we have been able to incorporate include;

  • Using the term ‘Community Development’ instead to Tenant Engagement to better focus on building community and positive relationships between residents, BHC and their communities,
  • Continuing to develop and improve communication and consultation with residents,
  • Establishing a platform where residents can work with BHC to take a more active role in co-designing and co-leading Community Development initiatives.

Resident Voice and Engagement

BHC is committed to providing meaningful opportunities to hear from residents. We are excited to offer even more pathways for residents to engage with us and share their views, get involved in influencing policy, processes and procedures, provide genuine and meaningful feedback, and so much more! Our focus is on establishing a range of different ways for residents to engage which is more accessible to more people. We understand that attending an in-person meeting is not for everyone, and sometimes getting online can be a barrier, so we are offering multiple ways to get involved. You can join in with one, none, or all opportunities – it’s up to you!

How to get involved?

If you would like to opt into online feedback opportunities or in-person focus groups you can:
• Register your interest online here.
• Contact BHC’s Community Development Team directly on 3307 3000

We are excited for more BHC residents to get involved and share their voices!

BHC values resident input. After 5 years with the Resident Community Development team, and as we grow, we are now seeking new and fresh ways to involve residents.

Residents can join online feedback and surveys. For instance, they can give input on process changes, help design posters and share thoughts on events like the end of year celebration.

Residents can choose to participate in in-person focus groups. BHC will organise these groups to discuss specific topics like new building designs, current processes, community themes and resident-suggested ideas.

BHC will continue to hold place-based consultations. These talks will aim at updating residents about their building and general tenancy to get their valued feedback, perspectives and insight (for example, informing building residents of upcoming works). This function is place-based, while broader topics are engaged by focus groups and online feedback.

Watch this space! Community Collaborations

We’re looking at ways to collaborate as a community about our goals and challenges, working together to discuss collective locally-based topics and work together on community led initiatives. Stay tuned for more info soon!

In addition to the above, BHC will also continue to use our regular methods of engagement with residents, including the bi-annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey.