Applying for a Pet

At BHC, we recognise the importance of pets, and we are supportive of tenants wishing to have a pet, where we can. Please read through the below information before completing our online application form.

What should I consider before getting a Pet?

While planning to add a pet to your home can be exciting, it is important to ensure that you are 100% ready for the commitment. Pets require time, money, effort, and lots of love.

We recommend that you look through RSPCA’s guide for whether now is the right time to have a pet in your life.

What are BHC’s conditions for Pet approval?

To ensure the best for all members of our communities, there some conditions associated with pet ownership in a BHC property.


BHC maintains high expectations of tenants managing their pet’s behaviour. If approval is granted by BHC, the following conditions will apply:

  1. All costs for any damage caused by the pet are to be met by the applicant as the owner of the pet.
  2. The applicant accepts full responsibility and all liability associated with the pet as its owner.
  3. As the owner of the pet, the applicant will provide, on request from BHC written documentation which authenticates the pet’s breed, veterinarian proof that the animal is desexed and proof of current registration of the animal with the local government.
  4. BHC requires the applicant as the owner of the pet to ensure the pet is adequately contained within the premises at all times, as agreed with your Housing Manager
  5. Pets must be appropriately restrained (e.g. on a leash) if outside of the tenant’s unit
  6. BHC requires the applicant as the owner of the pet, to ensure animal waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner at all times.
  7. BHC will investigate any unapproved pets and/or complaints regarding a pet that may be impacting others or damaging property in line with the Pets Policy.
  8. The applicant must also comply with any Body Corporate rules or Building Management Scheme rules where relevant.

Emergency Plan

It is important you outline what your emergency plan is for your pet. Please provide contact details of who will take care of the pet during owner’s absence or in an emergency. Provision of this information is to be done through the application process however any changes need to be communicated through to to ensure our records are up to date.

Consequences for not looking after your pet

Pet approval may be withdrawn if your Tenancy Agreement or local government laws are breached with regard to having a pet. Any pet complaints received will be investigated by BHC in line with the Pets Policy.


I’m ready to apply

Our preference for processing purposes is for you to submit your application form electronically however submission of Form 21 is an acceptable form for application. This can be done via “” or BHC head office.

We will ensure that we respond to your application within 14 days of submission.

Current Tenants

Please use BHC’s Request for Approval to keep a Pet the application form to get Provisional Approval for a pet. We ask that you supply as much information as you have available to you, including the expected date that you will have your pet.

Once provisional approval is granted, and you have your pet we then ask you to confirm your pets’ details via and update all the relevant details.

New Tenants

As part of your application process with our allocations team we ask that you communicate your intention to be housed with a pet. Please use BHC’s Request for Approval to keep a Pet  and select “New Tenant” when completing the application.

Required documents

It is important to note that whether you submit below or via a Form 21 for your application to be considered, the below must be supplied at minimum for final approval;

  • Local council registration certificate
  • Proof of desexing
  • Photo of Pet
  • Emergency contact details


We will ensure that we respond to your application within 14 days of submission.