We understand that there are certain things you need to know about your tenancy and your home. To assist you to find the information you are looking for, please see links below.

If you require assistance, please contact your Housing Manager or the BHC Office on 07 3307 3300.


Moving into your home

We understand that when you are moving into your new home there is a lot happening and going on.

To help you move smoothly into your new home, we have developed a brochure to  help outline some of the paperwork involved and a few things we suggest you do.

Download our ‘Moving into Your New Home‘ brochure.



Sustaining your tenancy

We understand your circumstances might change over time. To help you sustain or keep your tenancy and a home that matches your needs, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with us.

We are  committed to do the best we can to assist you to sustain your tenancy and we will provide you with linkages to support or advocacy agencies, who can provide further assistance to you household.

Download the ‘Sustaining Tenancies‘ brochure.



Concerns & Complaints

Our aim is to ensure that you receive responsive and respectful customer service from us. If you are dissatisfied with any of our services, please let us know so we can efficiently resolve any issues for you. Your complaints and feedback allow us to continually improve and monitor our customer service with tenants and relationships with service providers.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision or unhappy with our service, you have the right to lodge a complaint or appeal that decision. You will not be disadvantaged or penalised if you choose to appeal or complain. We will respond to your appeal or complaint according to our policy.

For more information please download our ‘Concerns & Complaints‘ brochure.



Your Privacy

The treatment of your personal information and your privacy is important to us. This is why we have a dedicated policy for the treatment of your personal information.

Your information will be collected by BHC if it directly relates to the administration of providing and managing housing for eligible households. Types of personal information that may be collected includes your name, contact details, household type and size, date of birth and income status.

To find our more download our ‘Your Privacy‘ brochure.



Find out what's on

We believe providing opportunities to connect and engage with each other is key when creating liveable communities.

We wish to encourage each and every one of our tenants, residents and owners to get involved and do their part to establish and maintain vibrant, healthy neighbourhoods where people feel safe and connected.

Click here to find out what events are on.

Download our ‘Tenant Participation‘ brochure.



About Your Rent

BHC’s Rent Policy is different from other social housing systems. This rental policy has been designed to ensure the ongoing provision of affordable homes to those who need them.

To assist in understanding how and why we set our rents we have developed the below brochure.

Click here to download our ‘About Your Rent‘ brochure.



About transfers

Sometimes your housing needs change over time. We understand this may require you to request a transfer from your current home to a different BHC home.

We ensure we will do our best to facilitate your request to transfer homes. To find out more about how you can request a transfer, please download the below About Transfers brochure.

Download our ‘About Transfers‘ brochure.



Repairs & Maintenance

At BHC, we do our very best to fix your maintenance issues as soon
as possible, however, some issues remain more vital than others.

We have a range of programs in place to ensure that maintenance occurs professionally and efficiently in BHC homes.

To find out more information on how you can report a repair please download the below Repairs & Maintenance brochure.

Download our ‘Repairs & Maintenance‘ brochure.



About Car Parks

We understand you may need to own a car in order to live the life you wish and that consequently you may require appropriate access to parking.

We will make sure information about car parking arrangements are made clear during your initial interview with your Housing Manager.

For further information about parking at BHC properties please download our About Car Parks brochure below.

Download our ‘About Car Parks‘ brochure.



Defects and How We Can Help

When a building is brand new there is a period where usually minor things may not be running as smoothly as they are meant to.  We understand that living in your home during a defect period could cause some inconveniences.

We appreciate your involvement and assistance in addressing possible defect issues. For further information about what to expect during a defect period, please download the below brochure.

Download our ‘Defects and How We Can Help‘ brochure.



About Pets

We recognise the importance of pets and we are supportive of tenants wishing to have a pet, where we are able to.

To ensure the best for all members of our communities, there some conditions associated with pet ownership in a BHC property.

For more information on the process to apply to keep a pet in a BHC property, please download the below brochure.

Download our ‘About Pets‘ brochure.



About Service Charges

Service charges only occur in our Boarding Room accommodation and are costs that are shared among tenants and written into the Tenancy Agreement for shared services and/or facilities such as bulk electricity, gas hot water, and telephone services.

For more information on how these service charges are calculated, and billed please see the attached brochure.

Download our ‘About Service Charges‘ brochure.