Get Involved

Wanted: YOU!

We are planning for our next set of BHC tenant photos and this time we want you!

Do you love where you live? Do you love your community? Would you like to help others learn about BHC? Every year we look for a new group of tenants to be a part of a special photoshoot, creating pictures which can be used on our website, tenant brochures and publications.

We are looking for some tenants who love their homes, aren’t too photo shy and would be proud to become one of the many faces which represent BHC. We want to showcase the liveable and diverse communities created at our complexes and show the people who are at the centre of what we do. The whole experience should only take a few hours and you’ll have the opportunity to meet some other like-minded tenants from other complexes, and release your inner model!

If you would like to find out more information about this fun opportunity, or would like to register your interest, please contact our marketing team on 07 3307 3000 or email

If you are still not sure if this is something you might like to do, then check out the FAQs below and see if we can sway you.


Q) I am shy; will it be me and a camera in a studio?

A) Not at all, we usually have a small group of tenants who are all there to be in the photos. We keep these shoots pretty casual, and tenants usually meet at one of our complexes and get some photos taken together, and maybe a few solo shots.

Q) I am really busy, I don’t know if I have time to do this.

A) Once we know who is interested, we organise a day with the photographer and plan a shoot. Once you travel to the location, the shoot will run for approximately 2-3hours and then you are done and dusted.

Q) I am not a model, how will I know what to do?

A) Don’t worry, we don’t want models – we want you! Our Photographer is really lovely and will talk you through the shoot and give you some easy directions to help create some beautiful photos. She’ll do her best to make the experience as fun and easy as possible.

Q) What will my photos be used for?

A) Once you sign privacy release, we will store your photos on our secure server and may use your photo for a number of things, such as; the Bugle cover, our website / social media pages (individual tenants will not be tagged), promotional material (e.g. brochures, presentations, etc.).