Tenant Eligibility Requirements

Eligible tenants are persons in low and moderate income households as tested against household income thresholds which differ depending on the household composition.

All persons who are tenants of an approved rental dwelling must have their income included as a member of the one household, in accordance with the income limits.

To become a registered prospective tenant under the NRAS in Queensland, there are certain criteria that need to be met.

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Income Eligibility Limits

Income levels are assessed against gross income limits according to the household composition.  For NRAS purposes, a household is considered to be all persons who are tenants of the dwelling. All persons who ordinarily reside in a NRAS home must have their income included as a member of the household.

A household’s gross income for the 12 months prior to commencement of tenancy of an NRAS dwelling must be equal to or less than the relevant income limit for the household’s composition. Household income may increase above the income limit in subsequent years.

Each year, household income limits are indexed according to percentage changes of the All Groups Component of the Consumer Price Index so that the limits effectively maintain the same target group of tenants over the life of the Scheme.

The 2023-24 household income eligibility limits can be found here.

*If the household income of an existing tenant exceeds the indicated limit (25 per cent greater than the initial income limit) in two consecutive NRAS years, the tenant will cease to be an eligible tenant.


As you are applying to rent an NRAS property you must be earning under the income limits however you must also meet affordability to be eligible.

That means you have sufficient earnings to cover your rental payments as well as being able to cover other cost of living expenses.

The below table is a guide based on some of our different dwelling types and examples of the upper and lower levels of rents that are charged. The right hand column is a guide for the minimum income required to afford the rents.

Property Type RENT Minimum income required to meet affordability
Studio (lower) $205 $26,650
Studio (upper) $250 $32,500
1 Bed (lower) $230 $29,900
1 Bed (upper) $330 $42,900
2 & 3 Bed (lower) $350 $45,500
2 & 3 Bed (upper) $420 $54,600

The above guide is indicative and if you have any specific questions with regards to affordability please contact our applications team at

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