How much is rent?

At BHC, you may apply for two types of housing depending on your circumstances: Affordable Housing or NRAS Housing.



BHC’s Rent Policy is different from other social housing systems.

BHC’s rent is set up to 74.9% of the current market rental rate.

For example, if the current market rate for a BHC inner city 1 bedroom apartment is $250, an eligible BHC tenant could be charged up to 74.9% of this amount, which is approximately $187.25.

Whilst BHC’s rent depends on the type of apartment and its location, we aim to keep the rent at an affordable level. We assess the household income of applicants in relation to our rents. We want applicants to rent an apartment they can afford. We calculate affordability by bench marking 30% of household income plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance and match that figure to the rent for available apartments.

A table identifying rent price points for a number of Gross Household incomes is listed below.


If you earn… You can generally afford rents of…*
$30,000 per year $173 per week
$35,000 per year $201 per week
$40,000 per year $230 per week
$45,000 per year $259 per week
$50,000 per year $288 per week
$55,000 per year $316 per week
$60,000 per year $345 per week
$65,000 per year $374 per week

*including Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

BHC also provides entry level accommodation such as boarding rooms, where rent is kept in line with similar accommodation.

Rent amounts are reviewed on an annual basis and may increase so that they are up to 74.9% of the current market rate. However, tenants will always be notified in writing (in advance) of any rent increases.

If you are on a low income and are registered with the Queensland Government Department of Housing & Public Works Social Housing Waitlist, you may be eligible for one of BHC’s affordable homes. If you are not currently registered on the Social Housing Waitlist, check your eligibility here.

To register your interest for BHC’s Affordable Housing Rental Accommodation click here.



For our NRAS homes, the rents are set at up to 80% of the market rent and vary depending on the property size and location.

Once you have received an NRAS Approval Number, you can view BHC NRAS properties available for rent on

To register your interest for BHC’s NRAS Rental Accommodation or to find more information click here.

For a list of NRAS Tenancy Manager’s operating across Australia (not all will be provided by BHC) click here.