What home suits me?

There are two types of rental accommodation provided by BHC that meet a range of household incomes and affordability.



We aim to provide accommodation that is affordable, spacious, secure, close to amenities and public transport and located within close proximity to the CBD and other suburban hubs.

Click here for more information about BHC’s Affordable Rent Prices.

If you are on a low income and are registered with the Queensland Government Department of Housing & Public Works Social Housing Waitlist, you may be eligible for one of BHC’s affordable homes. If you are not currently registered on the Social Housing Waitlist, check your eligibility here.

Once you are eligible, register your interest for BHC’s Affordable Rental Accommodation here.



BHC’s National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) properties are part of the Australian and State Government’s initiative to provide new properties at discounted rents to low to moderate income earners.

The scheme was introduced in 2008 to help alleviate the rental crisis facing Middle Australia. BHC has welcomed the opportunity to be part of this initiative and in 2010 we completed our first NRAS homes at Masters Street in Newstead.

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Tenants eligible for BHC NRAS properties may be individuals, couples, or families that have an income less than the initial income limits referred to below.

Household Type Initial Income Limit
(at commencement of tenancy)
Upper Income Limit
(throughout the tenancy)
One adult $47,904 $59,880
Two adults $66,228 $82,785
Three adults $84,552 $105,690
Sole parent with 1 child $66,274 $82,843
Sole parent with 2 children $82,163  $102,704
Sole parent with 3 children $98,052 $122,565
Couple with 1 child $82,117 $102,647
Couple with 2 children $98,006 $122,508
Couple with 3 children $113,895 $142,369

If you earn below the above initial limits above and have applied for an NRAS Approval Number, you may be eligible for one of BHC’s NRAS properties. If you do not have a current NRAS Approval Number check your eligibility here.

To view BHC NRAS properties available for rent click here.